On the last day of my stay, feeling what was inside, I shared completely the title “Island of happiness and love”. Because all this abundance of beauty, nobility and majesty of nature, concentrated on a small piece of land, surrounded by seas.. fills the heart and soul with happiness, and through it love to the world, life, people multiplies and simply overflows you.


   Long ago, in one airplane magazine, I read that Ischia in April looks like a large blooming cloud

   .. it must be wonderful in this green paradise .. in spring, when everything wakes up and breaks into bloom;
   .. in fall, when tourists have gone, greenery starts to shine golden and sea still keeps the warm;
   .. in winter, when winds rise and it rains: and you can give yourself to the raging force of nature, standing nearby the foamy rolling waves of a rough sea or warm yourself in the hot water of thermal pool ..

   I would like to know the island in a quiet non-tourist time.. interesting, what it is like the Ischia’s life, free from tourists and summer heat…




In the end

   Not only inside we change.. 🙂 Sunny freckles appeared on the face, hair shines aureate from the all-embracing hot sunbeams, eyes shimmer now with blue, now with green, as though imitating tone of the sea. And the gaze became deeper and wider, as if the soul strives, and all of you strive even more to absorb and cognise this world, to cognise it and understand.



August 2018