City and water are united. Hamburg


   I will write about Hamburg, later. So far there are only several photos, which are out a bit of the “standard” familiar images of the city.
   There are almost no sights on it, perhaps only the image of Elbphilharmonie, but there is much sunshine and glittering water, large-tonnage ships and graceful sailboats, trees «old-timers» and vivid flowers. As a lace little cobweb envelop they city, gently encircle each masterpiece of human activity.

   …and can it be the opposite? ..slightly leaning half-timbered houses, majestic monumental downtown buildings, ultra-modern constructions – «flights» of architectural fantasy, snow-white Art Nouveau villas, luxurious in its external decor Town Hall, soaring spires of the five oldest city churches.. so may be on the contrary, all these human works of art are only the addition to the unattainable natural creations.. they pervade the spreading sunlight, are reflected in the glistening water of canals and mighty Elbe, become the point concentration centres of lush greenery and rainbow flowers.

   Such a “lyrical digression” came out or is it an introduction..