Island cuisine – is also a separate topic. Having no great interest in food and pretty specific taste habits, I am certainly the wrong person to talk about it. But happy memories remained with me in this area as well.

   A lot of commendable words and rapturous reviews are written about the local cuisine. What makes it special: locality, absolute naturalness, particular nutrient and taste richness of the ingredients grown on the fertile volcanic soils, under the warm southern sun, which are used for the most part exclusively fresh. I would add as well the culture of cooking: adherence to the classic recipes and traditions which remain unchanged with years, also in our “highly commercial” time.

   And certainly, the talent and love of the people who do it. It was just here, yet in my previous visit, when dining at a hotel restaurant, I first realized that a cooked dish can be a kind of an artwork, can belong to a range of creations that require a true special talent from a person.    

   This time the small restaurant Le Petrelle left a mark in my memory.. by its simplicity, harmony, connection with the sea and really great food. Not very remarkable, light whitewashed house nestled at the very foot of Monte Cotto, protected by its mighty slope from the back; while in front opening a charming view over the curving in a light long arc the strip of Maronti beach, slightly lighted rocky mountain range and the picturesque, even in darkness, Cape of Sant’Angelo at the very end of the bay.

   It is quiet and calm here, plain interior decoration has many echoes of the sea. It stuck to my mind, for some reason, the “maritime” menu books. The hostess – an active, tall, brown-eyed woman, dressed in a white summer suit, in harmony with the interior, organizes the entire process here: welcomes guests, talks to everyone, advises, brings meal, putting much of herself in all it. I had been listening as well to short stories about some particular dishes, in a pure Italian, but the essence was clear.

   As a result, you are absolutely happy with the meal (despite all specificity of food preferences🙂), atmosphere and people around of this simple but very harmonious place, where in addition to all taste delights you also behold the beauty of the night near sea and illuminated brightly with lights the Cape of Sant’Angelo..




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