Where there is so much sea


   Probably more correct title should be “Drowning in green and flowers” ​​or “Island of Happiness”, “Island in the Sun”… – such names can be often found in guidebooks and in fiction; and it perfectly fits the reality! But for the my sea soul, still sea, exactly the sea comes first, which is so much here. From all sides encircles it with vast waters this humpy-rocky little piece of dry land, almost entirely covered with dense greenery, full of bright flowers and pastel-colored villas nestled in the hillsides, which with all their very best front view overlook the same – the sea. 

   And you start to envy a little those who live there and feel like asking them to share some sea meanwhile, which is so much by them… but it is no way to take it away, unless fill you all of yourself inside to the brim, full brims, and carefully and gently, not sloping over, carry it home. And then try to keep this feeling of the sea inside, at least for a while… for a long time it is already difficult to retain.

   This visit turned out quite active, despite the fervent August heat. I liked a lot to “take it in”, to absorb the island as fully as it was possible: to explore, walk all over, look closely, hear, feel deeply this piece of land, its nature, current of life; to saturate all the senses..  

   I focused on a more quiet, natural, in many ways rural corners of the island, which covered the area of Panza, Sant’Angelo, Serrara, Fontana, Barano. Nearby led its bustling life Forio, Lako Ameno, Casamicciola, Ischia – small island towns, humming with urban and resort life, where there are always many people and life pulsates through. “People, horses.. all together have intermingled in a bunch” – the famous words of the Russian classical author characterize well the atmosphere that prevails here, at least in the holiday season. Motorcycles, people, cars, multilingual speech are running into one in these places. And that is also a very curious peculiar atmosphere, where already society, people is of the main interest, but it is rather a separate story.




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