Yet in the morning I was walking along quiet, still not awakened Forio, one of the few towns on the island, spread out at the Epomeo mountain foot. Walked, looking back at the huge slope of Epomeo, which tops were entangled in a gloomy grey clouds. Despite the early time, there was no cool, the air heated up during the day, kept the warm even after night.

   The first ferry, barely filled with passengers, morning calm sea with a bright dazzling sun ball rising above the water surface; already crowded with arriving and departing travellers Naple’s airport, buzzing with its habitual life… and very soon, almost instantly, after 2.5 hours you find yourself in a very different world: where northern air immediately sobers you with coolness, it rains and overcasts, seems everywhere very quiet and deserted – at the airport, metro and city center, despite the Hamburg’s million population. Everywhere there is a clarity and order – in trains they announce each stop and even the direction of the exit..

   And I so wanted to escape immediately, to run back where there is the sea and hot sun, where mountains abound with lush greenery and vividly coloured bushes of flowers scattered all over the place, where there are many people, creating so much noise and bustle. You get used quickly to the humming with activity, somewhat chaotic life, that exists at least in the peak of holiday season, and very soon no longer notice it. Probably, greatness and beauty of the nature of those places fully overpower all unquietness created by people.


   There is very little practical information herein and almost no historical or other scientific knowledge either. It is only the reflection of my personal experience and impressions. This short story can be of more interest to those who perceive the world rather sensually; being inspired not so much by facts or information, but by leisurely contemplation and sensation.   





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