For whatever we lose…it’s always ourselves we find in the sea

E. E. Cummings

   Sea is the sea, it always and everywhere leads the way.. and nothing comes close to it. Here the sea is of particular difference as well:

playing with brown, green, blue gleams where large stones lay in the water column, concentrating around itself part of the underwater world;

rich emerald-green, where perhaps a lot of phytoplankton occurs, or where the lush green overhangs the water and is mirrored on the surface. 

Gentle blue and unhurried – in the morning;

vividly sparkling with countless silver glares, singeing the eyes by its brightness – at noon;

deep dark blue where direct sunlight does not reach the water surface anymore – in the afternoon.    

   From the moment of sunset and till the full darkness comes it is an especially magic time, when the beach died down, sea got free from the specks of people and exists as the one whole sea entity. Sunlight, coming from no longer visible beyond the horizon sun, backlights the wavy surface, creating an orange-steel specularity on the gradually deepening in its dark blueness, going to sleep, sea.


   From the small port of Sant’Angelo to the beaches of Fumarole and Maronti run so-called water taxis. No, this is not a taxi, it is a feast for the sea soul! When you glide in a small motorboat between dancing in the sunlight glittering waves, and you can clearly see their every single move and how they harmoniously fuse together into a single sea whole. It seems – you now slide, now fly on a wavy surface.. and you revel in this luxury, this abundance of the sea, its water, color, movement.

   And the soul and eyes thrash and argue, having the difficult choice … and try to be torn between the sea and the opening “earthy” island view over the wide bay with its rocky rugged shore, yellowish tuff gorges and green-mossy mountains with sprinkled multicolour villas and small hotels, partially hidden behind the bright rainbow bushes of flowers.

   Mountain “Monte Cotto” juts out into the sea and quasi borders the bay from one side. Along its “inner” slope, facing the beach, a spiral multi-loop road is laid. Top of the road opens a truly “breath taking” panorama over the whole vast magnificent bay, largest on the island; the view fascinates, observation platform was even set up here.

The bay, but view from other side
The bay, but view from other side

   But for me it was especially magnetic to admire the opposite view, particularly of the mount Cotto, being at its foot. During the day, to gaze at this so close to you “hulk”, covered here and there with brownish, but still the opulent greenery, with a few “bunches” of houses clinging to its slope. In the evening, when orange-yellow spots of street lights accurately replicate the acute-angled multilevel trajectory of the road.

Seemingly simple, but so mesmerising Monte Cotto
Seemingly simple, but so mesmerising M.Cotto

   Despite the apparent simplicity, again you feel the beauty, certain singularity and substantiality, greatness of nature.. 

   Another simple but so captivating  experience is to drive along the mountain road in the late evening time – when the inky darkness enfolded all around and you soar above the night island flooded with the infinite orange lights; “crossing” here and there the deep dark blueness of the sea.

   Each bend of the road unfolds a new night panorama before you and if there is a luck and the moon is full, then you can see very broad, while the moon is still not high, moonlight path, of an orange-yellow shine with a pale rose tint, playing with light on the dark sea waters.

  Sunlight path, not a moon path 🙂




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