Unknowable world. Background

 One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things

Henry Miller

   Coming back home from last August holidays and remembering the stacks of notebooks, written all across with ballpoint pen and crowded on bookshelves… where with all freshness of emotions and impressions an experience of the very different trips was described, I strongly decided this once – to type and share it. What for? .. There was a powerful, somewhere unconscious desire, “to send everyone there” – friends, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers, to send them to this unique place, of my august stay, so that they also could experience the brightest emotions, sense of sheer beauty and happiness.

   Besides that, reading such essays is in fact an opportunity to see the world through another eyes, the eyes of other person, to sight what you did not notice before, to “try on yourself” another perception and interpretation of the world, people, events. Finally, to travel in your imagination in the farthermost corners, to be there vicariously and feel another reality.

   Despite my pretty mediocre writing capabilities, there is a hope that the meaning of what is written down and the conveyed perception, will be of interest though, with a strong support of illustrations, of course.

   I had been finishing this foreword and the story about Ischia slightly later, after returning from another working trip, to the far land, where I could spend a couple of days off, just travelling.

   And literally two days of wandering around the local beauties and a short immersion in the very different, peaceful, in a certain way isolated and rare culture, also stirred up the full gamut of emotions, renewed the former desire to explore the world again, its diversity, “to be in it” … to feel the absolute, independent from something or someone happiness, that comes from the touch with all the variety of wonderful manifestations of our reality: which are numberless, they exist always and everywhere, in small and in large, in the creations of man and nature, in a tiny flower and a grandiose construction .. and there is no constancy in it: every season, month, day, hour, instant, everything manifests itself in a new way making this world truly unknowable.



Let the beauty of what you love be what you do 🙂

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